The Ignite Office Advantage

  • Akiko M
    I have been a regular since 2020. I highly recommend Ignite Spine & Sports for multiple reasons: Not only are they skilled and knowledgeable chiropractors, but also they are good listeners. They make it feel like you can talk to them about anything that might be bothering you, not limited to your spine issues. Their bed side manners are fantastic. Josanne welcomes you warmly at the door when you go in and the doctors will take care of your pains or issues that you might have. I honestly go to the office for the whole experience.
    Akiko M
  • Eli H
    Just a quick note of feedback. The treatment on my tender left ankle/achilles last week was a game changer. I honestly haven't been sore since, and I did a bunch of golfing and softball and walking this past week. No pain, no feels better than it has in a very long's wild. Really appreciate the care and treatment my man. Whatever the magic brew feels excellent and I'm very thankful.
    Eli H
  • Najwa K
    Dr. Pearsall is amazing! I went in for an injury to my knee. He was able to find the source of the issue, show me exercises, and work on the issue. I left feeling great and found that my pain had disappeared after two treatments. I will be going back regularly. Also, Dr. P is so nice and welcoming. He never shy's away from explaining what is happening and why he is doing a certain therapy. Couldn't recommend more.
    Najwa K
  • Joe R
    Dr. Pearsall is the top notch professional in his field. He provides an experience and treatment like none other. He is not looking for a quick fix or adjustment but rather spends time collaborating with you to get to the root cause of your issue and figure out a path forward to correction. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
    Joe R
  • Seth P
    Highly recommend Dr. Pearsall! I am an active crossfiter who comes in with a host of issues and leaves in perfect shape! From lower back, to shoulder, to knee, to neck, Brett always solves my problems. Nothing is too challenging! Great office and environment. I always look forward to visiting not only to get healed but also for the great conversation. He is the best doctor!!
    Seth P
  • Shannon O
    I was suffering from 2-3 day headaches and neck pain when I first visited Dr. Pearsall. After my first session I felt instant relief and I rarely suffer get headaches anymore. I absolutely love Dr. Pearsall's technique - he is not just doing a quick adjustment and sending you on your way. He really is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. I highly recommend Dr. Pearsall to anyone!
    Shannon O
  • Wiktoria Z
    It was the most enlightening appointment I have had ever! I have never went to a Doctor and didnt want to leave. I went for back pain and after just one visit, I swear that I feel 85% better. JUST ONE VISIT! He is just amazing at what he does. Everyone is so welcoming and nice, it is unbelievable!
    Wiktoria Z
  • Kristin K
    Dr. Pearsall is hands down one of the best chiropractors I’ve worked with. His process doesn’t just crack bones back into place and have them go right back out in a few days. He actually treats the whole package so what caused things to go out of sync are no longer a problem. His efforts have completely turned around the damage done from a high stress desk job leading to increased flexibility, strength and clear thinking. I actually want to exercise now, which is a shock to most who know me. Highly recommend going to see him.
    Kristin K
  • Omega G
    As always his bedside manner is superb. Had previously visited several other chiropractors but none that address my ongoing issue. I barely had range of motion in my neck. Suffered for so long with a pinch nerve and neck pain. The therapy is intense but was exactly what I needed in my quest to feel better after years of suffering.
    Omega G
  • LM
    The doctor was very friendly! He explained everything he was doing as he was doing it and had incredibly sure hands. I felt better immediately after leaving and even more so after a few visits. I would definitely send a friend to him!
  • Adam R
    Dr. Pearsall was great! Really a different approach than the previous two chiropractors I've seen. While I thought my issues were coming from my back, Dr. Pearsall actually diagnosed it as a hip issue; I'm definitely looking forward to my next visit with him!
    Adam R
  • Jared B
    I am a stuntman and have had many ailments that Dr Pearsall has help me with. He is amazing. He is always learning the newest techniques. He takes the time to understand what your body needs. My visits are rarely the same each time. He is the best Chiro I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot. He is the only Chiro I will use.
    Jared B
  • Rebecca M
    Brett is by far the best chiropractor/sports movement doctor I have ever been to. I have been going to him for 6 months. He is extremely attentive to you as a patient and is always trying new techniques to improve your body health and movement. His appointments run on time which is a great bonus.
    Rebecca M