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Why Ignite?

Welcome to Ignite Spine & Sports, a sanctuary for reclaiming the essential joys of vitality, pain-free living, and peak athletic performance. Our team of devoted healthcare professionals is committed to guiding you on a transformative journey towards helping you rediscover the health of your body. Embracing an innovative approach to care, we provide cutting-edge therapies and prioritize your unique needs, ensuring a patient-centric experience. Ignite Spine & Sports is not just a healthcare destination; it’s a pathway to unleashing the full potential of a life lived without constraints. Join us in the pursuit of a healthier, more vibrant you.

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What People are Saying

Just a quick note of feedback. The treatment on my tender left ankle/achilles last week was a game changer. I honestly haven’t been sore since, and I did a bunch of golfing and softball and walking this past week. No pain, no nothing…it feels better than it has in a very long time…it’s wild.
Eli H
Dr. Pearsall is the top notch professional in his field. He provides an experience and treatment like none other. He is not looking for a quick fix or adjustment but rather spends time collaborating with you to get to the root cause of your issue and figure out a path forward to correction. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Joe R
I was suffering from 2-3 day headaches and neck pain when I first visited Dr. Pearsall. After my first session I felt instant relief and I rarely suffer get headaches anymore. I absolutely love Dr. Pearsall’s technique – he is not just doing a quick adjustment and sending you on your way. He really is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. I highly recommend Dr. Pearsall to anyone!
Wiktoria Z
As always his bedside manner is superb. Had previously visited several other chiropractors but none that address my ongoing issue. I barely had range of motion in my neck. Suffered for so long with a pinch nerve and neck pain. The therapy is intense but was exactly what I needed in my quest to feel better after years of suffering.
Omega G
Doctor Graessle is just the best! Like many I’ve been working from home for the past few years and my back has suffered as a result. I always feel better after each visit; not only does my back feel better immediately, she takes the time to educate me on stretches and exercises I can do to sustain relief longer term. Appointments are never rushed, I’m always seen on time and the office staff are absolutely lovely.
Alexandra M

Pain Relief

Our team utilizes precise techniques and treatments to pinpoint the root causes of your pain, providing effective relief tailored to your unique needs. Everyone deserves a pain-free and vibrant lifestyle.

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Quicker Recovery

Regain optimal health and function in the shortest possible time. Through personalized treatment plans, advanced therapies, and expert guidance, we focus on expediting your recovery journey so that you can return to enjoying your daily activities.

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Prevent Injuries

Regular sessions can play a vital role in safeguarding your body against potential injuries. By maintaining your body’s alignment, flexibility, and strength, our approach is designed to act as a proactive defense, ensuring that you can maintain long-term wellness.

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We accept most forms of health insurance in New Jersey. Please contact us ahead of your first visit to confirm if your insurance plan is in-network.

Initial appointments should be anywhere from 45-60 minutes of time WITH the doctor. After that most visits will run about 30 minutes with the doctor, and may also include an after-treatment healing enhancement time.

Absolutely not. While our doctors are versed in many different techniques for adjusting, you absolutely do not have to be as per your appointment. For some patients is bliss and for others it can be scary. Your visit will be catered to your preferences.

Absolutely not. While we do love working with other doctors in the area, and would love to hear from them about your condition whether they be an orthopedist, podiatrist, primary care, acupuncturist, massage therapist, or any other provider, we do not require any referral paperwork.

Some of our patients may feel some level of discomfort on their initial visits, but it will depend on their overall pain tolerance. This part of the treatment is of course optional, but strongly encouraged. When we find these “painful spots” in treatment, there are often times incredible benefits to be had by working with them strategically that can’t be achieved by being “nice and easy” with the patient.

Ignite Spine and Sports
Ignite Spine and Sports